Alton Christian Spiritualist Church

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Alton Christian Spiritualist Church combining Spiritualism and Christianity

Alton Christian Spiritualist Church bases its philosophy on the Zodiac Messages, sometimes called the New Revelation. These instructions were given through the mediumship of Winifred Moyes from 1921 - 1957. Miss Moyes devoted her first-class mediumship entirely to this work, which gives enlightened and informed insights into a truly Christian aspect of Spiritualism and mediumship. In these messages we discover the beauty and reality of the Christ Mission in all its divine simplicity.


Christian Spiritualism has much to offer humanity but the profound nature of its philosophy is often lost through misunderstanding, deliberate ignorance or fear, distorting its grand and deeply comforting message; “there is no death”. God's hand is upon all creation and fails us not, it is we, His people, who fail God.

Christian Spiritualism demands much application and study before its essence is divined and revealed.

The Belief and Pledge of Alton Christian Spiritualist Church

The Belief

I believe in One God Who is Love.

I accept the leadership of Jesus Christ.

I believe that God manifests through

the illimitable power of the Holy Spirit.

I believe in the survival of the human soul

and its individuality after physical death.

I believe in the communion with God,

with his angelic ministers, and with souls

functioning in conditions other than the earth life.

I believe that all forms of life created by God

intermingle, are interdependent and evolve until perfection is attained.

I believe in the perfect justice of the Divine Laws governing all life.

I believe that sins committed can only be rectified

by the sinner himself or herself, through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ,

by repentance and service to others.

The Pledge

I will at all times endeavour to be guided in my thoughts

words and deeds by the teaching and example of Jesus Christ.




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Written By Kate Price