Difficult times.

Good Afternoon,

My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very difficult time. We all need somehow to stay calm and yet be realistic about what is going on around us and around the world. When I see all the stories of those helping their neighbours and those in the world putting themselves at risk to help others then we all can see there is beauty in this world. Hard to take in the different lives we all have, from those self isolating looking for something to do to pass the time to those who work in the NHS risking everything they have to help others.

I pray, that somehow the peace and beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ can break through the barriers we build around us so we may all be calm in this trying time. I ask Jesus to send his perfect love to all in this world, to those who are suffering, to those who are caring for others, to those who make the decisions, to those who pray so much for others and to the children of the world who are the future and bring us all now a simple beauty which cannot be put into words.

4 thoughts on “Difficult times.

  1. We pray that you are all well and safe. Graham and I are in lockdown in France but to some extent are probably safer here in the quiet countryside than at home in Fleet. take care everyone. Love Chris


  2. Thank you for the beautiful message you sent us all via the website. At this time when many of us are isolated at home your message brings us all together and reminds us that we each need to find a few quiet moments to send out our prayers and our healing thoughts, not just for ourselves, our families and friends but for the worldwide community, whatever it’s creed or faith.


  3. A beautiful prayer – thankyou. I’ve also been noticing the miraculous way that our earth is being repaired – the canals running clear and the reduction in pollution. Love to everyone xxx


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