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  1. Hi Rob,

    Please could I have healing tomorrow, I may not make church unless I can pop in late?

    What COVID restrictions are in place for ACSC? Iā€™m still wary about coming but would so love to return.

    Thanks Rob, take care




    • Hi Audrey, this is Alison. Rob has a few technical issues with computer. He has asked me to respond. You are on the list for healing this evening. We will send you a link after service. šŸ™‚ We can sometimes admit people late, but sometimes the host is reading or praying and we may not see your name for a while,
      On a Sunday, we ask everyone to sanitize and sterilize their hands on entering. There is someone greeting to make sure this happens. The healers also sanitize constantly throughout the healing after the service. I you would like to come later at 8pm, just for the healing, if that would make you more comfortable, that would be absolutely okay also.
      Do what makes you comfortable Audrey.
      Have a lovely day!


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