Successful Coffee Morning

We had a great coffee morning on Saturday and we have 7 new people come to our church for readings and healing.  Lovely comments from them thanking the church.

It was a very relaxing morning and I have been asked already if we do this again and we definitely will do many more.

Rob Harvey

Committee Meeting & AGM

A committee meeting was held on the 17/10/2018 which went very well indeed.  An extraordinary general meeting has been booked in for 7pm on the 21/11/18 at Chawton Village hall.

Nerina our membership secretary will be handing out voting papers to all members. These must be given back to Nerina by the 18/11/2018 to be counted.

At this meeting the results from voting of the church posts and committee members will be shown. Look forward to seeing as many of our congregation as possible at this meeting.  Rob Harvey

Brian Redwood

My dear Friends,
Once again I find it imperative to write to you all to say a VERY BIG thank you on behalf of Nancy and myself, for such a wonderful and powerful Memorial Service for Betty. Just where to start is going to be a dilemma, although so saying, it has to begin with Rob.
Rob orchestrated the eventful evening as well as conducting such a special time to celebrate Betty’s long association both with Spiritualism and in particular our ‘Little Church’.
All the beautiful hymns were amongst the favourite ones that Betty would often sing or hum around the house and were also a testament to Betty’s unassailable Christian faith and belief.
Les bravely opened the affirmation of the love that surrounded Betty, whilst Alan spoke of her commitment to truth and honesty of purpose. Mary, Judith and Barbara gave beautiful readings that, in many ways, epitomised Betty’s love of poetry and literature. Steve demonstrated the depth to which Betty had schooled within her circle and brought out abilities that were not obvious before. Steve’s opening prayer and Lynne’s closing prayer were both inspirational and beautiful.
I know that Betty was looking down on us and enjoyed every minute of the tributes and especially the laughter, although she would be saying ‘who the dickens are they talking about’. “I only carried out that which God inspired me to do and any one could have sat in my shoes and done the same”.
The evening ended with tea, coffee and some beautiful cakes that were enjoyed by all of those that attended. Thank you to everyone that provided the food and not to forget the very beautiful flowers that Betty would have loved.
Mine, and Nancy’s love, goes to you all with grateful thanks for a very lovely and memorable evening.
May each of you receive God’s richest blessing.

Brian Redwood

Dear Friends,
I know that this epistle is going to be very difficult for me to write, however, it must be done.
I would like to thank every one of you for your prayers and support during this awful and unexpected time. The number of cards and telephone calls that I have received are too numerous to count; thank you. For those of you who managed to attend the Service at Aldershot Crematorium will have learnt something of Betty’s interesting history and taken part in a wonderful and memorable event, and my thanks must go to dear Sue Hayes for such a spiritual and professional Service.
We will be holding a Memorial Service in the not too distant future, but I will leave that to others to announce the date and time.
Betty, as she looks down on us, will be saying…..”Now come along, shape up, dry your eyes and let’s get on with the business of the Church!”
I am sure that you will remember Betty greeting you with a smile and cheerful word, as you arrived at our ‘Little Church’ over so many years. Please remember her just like that.
Serving her Lord Jesus Christ was her motivation, not just on Sundays, but 24/7. Having had the privilege to chauffer Betty all over England, from Penzance to Liverpool, Brighton to Ilfracombe, and every town between, to serve Churches, Spiritualist Rallies and other events until, due to my health problems we had to give up the travelling, but not the work.
Betty has now joined the higher life and, no doubt, will continue her teaching work in realms beyond.
Betty was my life, my inspiration, my motivation and my love.
God bless you