Thomas a Kempis wrote
“If a man at once gives himself unrestrainedly to outward comforts, he will be thereby rendered exceedingly indisposed to spiritual things.”

A Zodiac Prayer
Christ, Beloved of our hearts, give us that valiant heart which will not turn aside from persecution, which will not quail before the criticism of others; inspire us with a holy aspiration which shall lead us out of the unrealities of the physical world into the realities of the Life which lasts for ever. Above all, grant that we may be suitable tools, that our reluctance, our misgivings, all may be laid aside; and that we as disciples of the Holy Master, may listen ever to the voice of the Spirit and obey, not as a child its stern parent, but as the heirs of everlasting life.
Father, for all Thy many good gifts we thank Thee. AMEN.

Prayer Book:

One of the most exciting projects with which the church has been engaged, is the publication of our own Prayer Book. This lovely volume has been created from the prayers and favourite readings contributed by church members. Appreciative comments are received whenever the book is purchased or read in a service. The Trustees and committee take no small delight in what is seen as written witness to Alton Christian Spiritualist Church, so dearly loved by its members. We highly recommend it as an aid to prayer or meditation or just the for the pleasure of leafing through its pages.
Price is £10.50 exc p&p.

Church Mediums

Church Mediums are available for Private Consultations, please email your name and telephone number. If one of our mediums lives in your area they will contact you. There will be a fee for this consultation.
All bookings to be made through the President of the Church.

The Village Hall

Alton Christian Spiritualist Church meets in the beautiful village of Chawton, near Alton in Hampshire. It is a rural village which is situated just five minutes away from both the A31 and the A32.
Chawton is famed for its connection with Jane Austen who used to live in the village, her house is now a museum and is open to the public. The Tourist Board in Alton can give further details. There is a public house in the village which serves good food. There is also a free car park.
The Village Hall in Chawton has been the home of the Alton Christian Spiritualist Church for many years and the church has a good association with the village.