Spiritualism’s history is short in comparison with orthodox religious thinking and practise, but its base line – there is no death – springs from mediumship giving evidence of the continued existence of loved ones who have completed their earthly span and who now live, move and have their being in a non- physical world.

We are taught and believe this to be entirely feasible, that life is indeed eternal and mediumship, exercised with discipline and respect, can bring hope and comfort to a despairing and lonely world. Mediumship is as old as time and, if sought with serious intent, transforms every part of an individual’s life; belief becomes faith.

The gifts and talents of the in dwelling spirit, identified as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, reveal the truth of an unseen world and with the work of healing, has brought health and new life to thousands. Our dear Lord used these gifts during His brief life on earth. These divine talents are very challenging to develop but it is possible for anyone to exercise them given time and discipline enough.

Christian Spiritualism proffers the holiness, beauty and graciousness of Jesus Christ as the perfect partner to Spiritualism with its glorious message of eternal life. Zodiac tells of the divine humanity of Jesus and with him we discover a Lord most wonderful. Orthodoxy offers a pale picture of Him in comparison.

Spiritualism does not offer an easy path, it is extremely challenging for it declares to humanity, nothing is hidden, everything is known, both good and bad. Freewill makes us responsible and answerable for the manner in which we conduct our lives. There is no escape from this major fundamental; we reap what we sow, no one is exempt.

St. Paul writes of a cloud of witnesses……Hebrews chap.12 v 1…..we know they await with patience and love our return home praying all the while that we strive to live honourably under our beloved Creator’s guiding hand. Christian Spiritualism has great beauty within its folds, it is a safe path and will lead us slowly and surely to heaven.

For here we have no continuing city,
but seek one to come.
[Hebrews chap 13 v 14]