Coffee Morning Saturday 30th March

We will be running another coffee morning at Chawton Village Hall on Saturday 30th March from 10am to 12.

10 min private readings will be available and we have 16 tickets for these at £10 per ticket.  8 tickets are for church members and we hope the other 8 can sold to friends to help encourage others to come to our little church.

Healing will also be available and any donations most welcome for this.

Please join us even if just for the coffee(or tea) and of course many of the committee members will be there if you have questions at all.

Tickets will be available from this Sunday.

Rob Harvey    President.

Church Closed on 3/2/19

Due to the bad weather and not knowing what it will be like tomorrow as tonight is forecast to be minus 9,  it could be very icy we so will close the church this week.

Please, could you let anyone know who may not get these emails. We are phoning around to members but we may not catch all.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Rob Harvey

Mary Andrews & Elsie Barry.

May we all wish everyone a happy, prosperous and spiritual new year.

Unfortunately, we start a new year with some sad news.  Mary Andrews and Elsie Barry have passed away. They will be greatly missed and at out rededication service last night prayers were for them and all our love was sent.

Mary Andrews funeral service will be held on the Wednesday 16th of January at 10am at the Aldershot crematorium and all are welcome back to Chawton village hall at 12.30.

We will keep you informed as we have more information.

Rob Harvey

Carol Service & Divine Service

This coming Sunday the 16th will be our very popular carol service which includes our very short pantomime. Maybe a visit from someone who is around at this time of year?

Please also join us afterward for tea,coffee and mulled wine.

The Divine Service is the last one of the year on the 23rd December. There no healing on either of these last two services of the year.

The Church will then close on the 30th and re-open on the 6th of January with the rededication service.

Successful Coffee Morning

We had a great coffee morning on Saturday and we have 7 new people come to our church for readings and healing.  Lovely comments from them thanking the church.

It was a very relaxing morning and I have been asked already if we do this again and we definitely will do many more.

Rob Harvey