Memorial Service Comments

This Sunday we had a different service of remembrance and a question and answer session and a brief explanation of mediumship.  I would like to say how enjoyable the evening was and hope we have more evenings with different themes. It is increasingly difficult to get reliable mediums for our church and I welcome evenings like we have just had, well done.
Steve Lidgett

Memorial Service & question time.

On the 14th of July, we will be having a memorial service where we remember our friends and loved ones. We will also be having a question & answer session. Often after a service the healing is so popular we do not get a chance to talk to those who come to our humble little church. We will do our best answer any questions you may have on any aspects of clairvoyance, healing, and mediumship. I hope as well to demonstrate how clairvoyance works and how hard it can be to pass on a message. If you or any of your friends would like to come to a very friendly evening please do join us on Sunday the 14th July at 6.30 at Chawton Village hall.

Garden Party

We had a lovely garden Party on Saturday which everyone seemed to enjoy even in 31 degrees!  Many thanks to Lynne & Nerina for their hard work making sure all the catering went very smoothly. Also thank you to all who helped on the day.  I would like to add a photograph of the garden party in the next newsletter but we all forgot to take one!  Does anyone have a good picture of the day we could use?

Rob Harvey

Friendship Service 9th June

This year’s friendship service will be a bit different. I hope to have several mediums on the platform and do our best to explain how our friends are passing their messages of love to those who are in the congregation.  You may have seen me do this occasionally when I have taken a service.

Should be a very interesting evening.

Rob Harvey


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