I don’t know what happened to my Roses this year. It is hard to believe they didn’t try to bloom before the really hot weather started. I hope some of you still have stunning roses in your garden, and can keep them hydrated through the coming heatwave, and restrictions. The Rose as plant material has the highest vibrating energy of all. All Roses for the most part vibrate high. Yes they really do vibrate. We all do, but The Damask Rose aka ‘Rose Damascena’ is the highest vibrating of all Roses, vibrating at a whopping 320 MHZ!!

Her oil is used as a relaxer, very anti inflammatory, and especially good for grief, although very expensive, and usually bought blended in a carrier oil. I hope children still put petals in water and mash the leaves for a home made perfume. They would definitely be on to something!!

What a lovely evening last night in Chawton. Jeanette Foote was with us and we had some lovely thoughts and lovely messages. Thank you Jeanette for a truly wonderful night. Thank you for all participation from our Church in readings and prayers, that helped to raise our vibration.

Calendar up next.

Have a beautiful week everyone!!

Lovely Lavender.. I hope if you have a garden you are lucky enough to have some…The scent is divine. Another healing plant in all manner of ways. She helps with sleep problems, and relaxation, is anti inflammatory, and if you have a MINOR burn, try rubbing lavender or some very good Lavender essential oil. The pain will go immediately…sometimes without a mark:)

What a lovely evening last night in Chawton with Irene Hall coming to us from Reading. We had some lovely heartfelt thoughts and readings. Thank you Irene, and thank you to those who chose readings and gave us prayers.

Prayer of the week is for those in deep disappointment about their lives. So many are left crushed thinking life is just a life sentence, disappointed in people, situations and just life in general, especially when folks do not have faith and understanding and the perspective it brings. It is very hard to learn and go forward, and so much valuable time and learning can be wasted..

Calendar up next. Have a beautiful week everyone. Enjoy the pensive overcast weather in this neck of the woods:)