We are all currently ‘Locked Down’, ‘Social Distancing’ or ‘Self Isolating’ but are we also
praying? Praying for all those wonderful souls who put their lives on the line to help those who may be suffering as a result of this hideous virus. Praying for all those many that have passed to the higher life; for their loved ones who remain, without the ability to say farewell.

Now is that time when our collective prayers are so welcomed by all those on the ‘Spirit side of life’.

Our little church may not be that significant in the context of the whole of Christendom, but it’s ability to pray collectively can be as powerful as any.
In fellowship, yours sincerely
Brian Redwood.

At This Time

Dear Lord,

At this time when we are not certain of the future, we ask for a sense of calm for all. At this time when we are seeing so many who mourn there their loved ones who have passed and are worried for those around them, we ask that those in spirit can draw close to bring them the warmth of Love.

At this time when we see those putting their lives at risk to help others, we ask strength for them all to continue.

At this time we pray for the leaders of the world to make decisions not just to help their countries but to help the world as a whole. At this time with so many passing let us not forget the millions who die from starvation every year who need real leaders to make real decisions.

At this time let us also have the courage to look at a mirror and ask ourselves are we doing enough to help others.


There is beauty all around us

Dear Lord,

We see around us at this time a beautiful change in this world. Every day we see those showing gratitude in so many ways to those who put their lives at risk for all. We see the friendship of neigbours grow, we see the simple tasks of helping someone grow to levels we have not seen before in our lifetimes. We see caring and love grow and grow. Dear Jesus, I ask somehow that all can see the beauty that is growing all around us in this challenging time and I pray we all can feel this so strongly that once this crisis is over we will never want to let this Love and friendship go and we can all make the world a better place to live in. Amen.

Changing times

As the planes have landed the power and gift of prayers have soared. As the world in many ways has slowed down so many have had time, at last, to think about the simple and most important things in life. Too many had only just thought about themselves but now all see the few who risk their lives for all of us.

A time of contemplation, a time of looking around this small world and realizing how precious it is and how we need to look after it and each other. A time to think of our Lord Jesus and what he did for us, what he gave us, what sacrifice he made for us.

Let us all help all those we can with the power of prayer, the power of friendship and to smile to all we meet in our lives and even the power of a phone call to someone who is lonely. Every little thing we do however small can make the world a better place.

Thinking of you all.

Rob Harvey


Let us pray at this time for friendship to grow in our world. At a time where we need our friends so much, let us not forget those who really need them now at this time. Whether you are putting your life on the line to help others or at home in self-isolation, loneliness can hit hard and a friend can be the cure. Dear Lord help us all to be more friendly to all we come across. A simple smile, a phone call or an act of kindness can make someone’s day.

We pray that somehow everyone can feel that there is a friend for them today and we thank you for being everyone’s best friend and know you are always holding our hand. Amen.

The simple things of life.

Let us pray at this time of change for the world that we all can use the gift of prayer to help all those in our thoughts.  We pray for strength for all those in NHS and the front line workers helping all those around them. As they are following the example of Jesus Christ who walked the earth plane and helped all those who he came across.

Let us pray that all those who suddenly have time for reflection on their hands and for a short time have escaped the madness of a world where the really important things seemed to have been forgotten.  May we all see and understand the importance of the simple things of life, our families, our children, how we treat our world and how to love each other.

Jesus taught us the beauty of the simple things of life let us pray that somehow we have the courage to follow his words and example.


Let us pray at this time that the barriers around this world build by man, the barriers around countries, the barriers around towns and the barriers we all have built up around ourselves may be broken so that the Love, Peace, Healing and Comfort that Jesus is trying to send to us all every second of the day can get through.

God gave us the gift of free will. May we ask for the strength to use it wisely to help others. Amen.

Prayers every Sunday at 8pm.

Good evening,

Nerina has been praying every Sunday at 8pm for our congregation and so many more at this very difficult time. We have decided that it would be lovely for as many as possible to pray together at 8pm on a Sunday which is when we would normally be practicing hands-on healing in our church. Let us all at this time pray to our Lord Jesus for his healing to be given to all those in our thoughts. May they all be blessed with love and peace. We will do this if we can every week until our church can open again.

Take care

Rob Harvey

Healing book/page

My thought and prayers are with you all. I have been asked if we can have a healing book/page which is a great idea. If you send me the names of those who wish to be added to our healing prayers, I will then add them to the bottom of our healing page on our website. We will pray for them every day. Simply send their names to acspchurch@gmail.com .

Take care Rob Harvey