Jim Dimitri

We would all like to thank Jim Dimitri for a lovely evening with his very humorous clairvoyance.


Just a reminder memberships are now due at only £7.50.   Once a member you get discounts off many events. The garden party at Kookaburra House will be free to members and £7.50 to non-members as an example.  Date not set for this as yet but watch this space. Also as a member, we can contact you if we have to cancel any service due to bad weather.



Our AGM will be on the 18th of February at 7pm at Chawton Village hall.  This does not normally last too long and all are welcome. Members can vote and voting papers are being handed out in church over the next 2 weeks. Many were given out last night, filled out and put in the ballot box.  They will be counted by the trustees and results at the AGM. As normal there will reports from the President, Treasury with accounts available to see, Membership Secretary and Medium Secretary. After this has been done any business comments most welcome.

Healing and Holocaust Memorial Service

Last Sunday we remembered those who suffered in the Holocaust and I would like thank all those who I asked to help out with the evening. There was a lovely atmosphere all evening, especially during the Healing.  We all have been given the gift of prayer, so let all of use this to send out healing to all those who suffered.