Alton Christian Spiritualist Church greatly values its healing ministry considering it fundamental in its service to God and humanity.

All church healers are required to approach their work in a spirit of reverence, prayer, loving kindness and dedication.

A period of training is given, ranging from six months to one year; this allows time for an assessment of the aspirant healer and measure to be taken of the essential dedication and attunement to the unseen workers from heavenly realms who strive so devotedly for us and without whom no spiritual healing can take place.

Alton Christian Spiritualist Church is extremely mindful of the respect and care with which their healers must approach this work. The Church practices the laying-on of hands for healing, always honoring our leader, Jesus Christ, as we attempt to carry out His injunction to heal the sick and comfort all who seek aid for relief from their sufferings.

Healing is offered every Sunday after the church service; all are welcome to come and experience the gentle touch of a practiced and devoted healer. Much good work has been done over the years and many have benefited.

Private healing visits can occasionally be made. Please e-mail should you require this service or if you would like further information. All healing is free of charge.

Church Services commence every Sunday at 6.30 pm and healing starts at 8pm. If you are unable to attend the church service you are welcome to come for healing at 8pm.



Below are the names of all those we will be praying for every day at this difficult time. Please send the names to me at   acspchurch@gmail.com   and I will add them.

Anna, Alfie, Mark, Brian,

Viv Manning, Jo Williams, Ruth French’Gwen McFarlane, Mavis

Joan Muller-Jensen, Frida. Jie, Tina Campbell. Gavin Campbell

Treyvan Campbell, Jayme Campbell’ Donald Campbell’ Jack Sobey
Marlene Smith’ Camelle Ade-John’ Ana Moreno, Ulrika Bons
Sandra French, Chad’ Donna, Arthur William, Kathy
Pat’ Tramain Campbell
Robin Richardson, Debbie Cawley and Christopher Pearce.
Baz, Audrey, Michelle, Sylvia, Julie
Stuart Levitt