Coffee Morning 14th September

We will be holding our next coffee morning on Saturday 14th September from 10am to 12pm. We have 16 tickets available for 10 minute, one to one readings with an experienced medium. The readings will take place from 10am until 11am and the tickets will have individual time slots on them. The tickets are £10 each.
I would like as many of these to go to people who have not been to our humble church before. Any remaining tickets can then be sold to those who regularly come to our services. The idea is to introduce new people to the church who may otherwise find it daunting to walk in for the first time. We will welcome all to a very friendly coffee morning with the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. There will also be healing available at no cost for anyone who attends.
Those who would like to come along to the coffee morning without having a reading are very welcome to pop in anytime between 10am and 12pm.
Tickets are available from Nerina next Sunday but by all means, do email me to reserve some.
Rob Harvey

Summer Newsletter

We now have our Summer Newsletter available for this Sunday. Please do collect one and in this one there is an article on “Should I Receive Spiritual Healing” by Brian Redwood.  Also “How I became involved in Spiritualism by Nerina and a short extract from Zodiac about “Life After Death.

If you know anyone who may be interested in these articles do please take a newsletter for them. Any members who are not at church in the next 2 weeks we will, of course, send you a copy.

The newsletter has also been uploaded to this site, just click on the link to see the new newsletters which will slowly become a resource to anyone interested in Christian Spiritualism as more articles are published.

Thank you, Nerina

Unfortunately, the medium could not make it at the last moment and Nerina was just leaving to come to Church when I asked her if she could take the service. A very hard thing to do for any medium to take a service with no notice at all. She agreed and the church had a wonderful evening.  Thank you also to Judith and Piers who did the chairing.


Sunday 28th July

The medium was unable to attend last night so Steve saved the day. He did a lovely address which we could all relate to our lives and we all enjoyed the clairvoyance. Thank you, Steve. I have no doubt all those years in Betty’s circle have paid off and how proud she is now of the excellent medium you have become.