Changing times

As the planes have landed the power and gift of prayers have soared. As the world in many ways has slowed down so many have had time, at last, to think about the simple and most important things in life. Too many had only just thought about themselves but now all see the few who risk their lives for all of us.

A time of contemplation, a time of looking around this small world and realizing how precious it is and how we need to look after it and each other. A time to think of our Lord Jesus and what he did for us, what he gave us, what sacrifice he made for us.

Let us all help all those we can with the power of prayer, the power of friendship and to smile to all we meet in our lives and even the power of a phone call to someone who is lonely. Every little thing we do however small can make the world a better place.

Thinking of you all.

Rob Harvey

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