In Christ with love

It was only last week that a very dear friend of mine of some fifty years standing passed to the higher life; not as the result of Covid 19 I would add, but another medical condition.                                                     He was the same age as me, and therefore his passing has had a deeper meaning in its poignancy than is perhaps normal.     We have both managed to achieve in excess of four score years, but what does that count for, in the scheme of things?       I firmly believe that it is the love of God that has brought me thus far, coupled with a sure and positive belief in the constancy of Jesus Christ.

My friend was a devout and regular practising Roman Catholic.     We argued a lot over our respective beliefs, but in the long run, we both loved God and His son, Jesus Christ, and considered it an imperative to regularly pray, although not always succeeding in the endeavour.

Having myself just got over the shock of suspected cancer, following scans, biopsies and other bodily intrusions and to eventually be told that the tumours are benign and that other than regular six-monthly checks, I can carry on a ‘normal life’.     It does pull one up by the boot straps to thank God for those ‘in excess of four score years’.

In Christ, with love


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