At this time we all need our friends to help us as we all need to do our best to help all those around us in any way we can. Jesus forgets no one and helps all no matter how they think of him or even what they do. I ask that somehow in this changing world that the barriers we have build up around us in our lives can be lowered so we can accept the love those in spirit are trying to send to us. As we try and lower our own barriers we will then be able to accept the love, peace, healing, and upliftment they are desperately trying to send to us. I pray the barriers that built up around families, towns, cities and entire countries can somehow be seen as what they are, barriers to progression, barriers to be able to help those around us, barriers stopping the world being one place where we should all be able to live in harmony.
I pray in this time of change, we can change for the better to be able to make our world a better place. Let us accept love from those around and let us have the strength and courage not to judge others but give to all we come across love and encouragement. Jesus showed us the way we just need to follow.

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