Tonight we have an in house service and I will give short talk on courage. Below are a few words from zodiac about the gift of courage. See you later.

Those of to-day so oft are confused by the outward. The man or the women who plunges into the stream and rescues a child or an animal, oh! The applause is great for such a one, and he or she deserves it; but how few there are to give commendation to the lonely ones, to the helpless ones, to the ones who seem to be fighting a losing battle! I say how few there are in the flesh to give due recognition to such as these: but around them there are the unseen, and although, perchance, their voices may not be heard, they are urging them on: they are saying to them: “Christ never fails, keep your courage high!” And the one bound by earthly conditions stumbles on, knowing not how the strength has come to take the next step and the next. Those who look on forget so oft to give a helping hand, and there are some who jeer and deride, seeking to stem their efforts. They are cowards, and when the earth life is no more they will find themselves at the foot of the hill of attainment; yet they must climb as well.

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