A reminder that we are fast approaching The Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd September. The leaves are already starting to turn a little, and some are starting to shed…

Lovely service and gathering last night in Chawton. Sadly medium Sue Ellis was unable to join us. We send her good thoughts, and hope all is well, but our ‘In House’ mediums, Rob, Nerina and Steve gave lovely demonstrations of clairvoyance, and a little more understanding. It is always so lovely to sing the beautiful hymns, and hear the readings and prayers. Thank you all who participated.

Prayer for the week is for the leaders of those countries and regions especially where there is chaos. The so called ‘ordinary’ people constantly are the victims of selfish violent leadership, and so some prayers for these leaders to understand their charge, and move towards compassionate decisions for ALL their people.

*People can change. We look to the Apostle Paul, who was a Christian hater and murderer, and then went on to help lead the charge for the teachings and ways of Jesus.

Calendar to follow.

Have a beautiful week everyone!

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