Many people benefit from our healing work, whether in person, on zoom, or with distance healing. Here is just one recent testimonial from a healing session on October 20th 2021 at 7.15pm BST. We are always glad to help!!

Hi Rob,
Following on from our telephone conversation, I hope these words can help.
On Saturday 9th October, I tested positive for Covid. Not surprisingly, because my daughter had tested positive a few days before. I suffered from aching all over, temperature etc so I took to bed for a few days.
On Thursday 14th I was beginning to struggle with my breathing, but being an asthmatic I just muddled along, but phoned the doctor to see if I should up my meds or not. They called an ambulance for me, but was told I wasn’t too bad as my Spo2 was around the 94/95% mark.
Saturday 16th I felt worse and my daughter called an ambulance again and this time they took me into hospital, put me on a nebuliser and some oxygen for a couple of hours, then sent me home as my Spo2 was at 94%.
Monday 18th, my husband was not happy as I had been given a Spo2 monitor and it was between 88 and 91%. He phoned the hospital and I was told to come in. This time they put me straight up to a ward on 60% oxygen and kept this up overnight.
Tuesday 19th a consultant came round and basically gave it to me saying they were 50/50 as to whether to put me on life support in ICU as I had Covid Pneumonia as was really quite ill. The other option was a Cpap machine. I asked to try this option first. They fitted me up and I took well to it (apparently many don’t take too well to it).
I was in contact with my boss who asked if I was open to spiritual healing as her brother holds sessions. Yes, I am open to it, but at the end of the day I was willing to try anything.
She told me when he would be asking for healing for me etc and I was already asking for help from my dad and my great gran who I believe are with me all the time anyway.
Every hour of being on the machine I felt a little better.
Thursday morning I was taken off the machine and they wanted to try me on just the oxygen for a while. They started me on 60% oxygen and gradually weaned me down to 35%, then used the ones which squirt the oxygen up your nose. By 2pm I was off all oxygen and was maintaining my own levels at 96/97%.
In the evening a nurse came round and couldn’t believe how well I was compared to when she had seen me arrive on the ward on Monday.
Friday morning the consultant came round and their words were… “You are a miracle! We don’t know how you have managed to recover this well in such a short amount of time. Considering you were heading for ICU on Tuesday and now, I am ready to let you go home!”. I said I am made of strong stuff, but I have had help from greater levels who have been fighting by my side to get to where I am.
I would like to thank you Rob and any others who assisted in my getting better.
Louise Snell

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